90 Day Fiancé Spinoff Guide

TLC’s beloved show, 90 Day Fiancé, is getting a little out of hand with their spinoffs. Let’s look at all the different ways you can watch these people navigate international love.

90 Day Fiancé

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The original, the bread and butter, the breeding ground for key spinoff characters. This show takes place in the United States, and follows an American citizen who brings their foreign love interest over on a K1 Visa. The K1 visa is a fiancé visa, and it requires the couple to get married within 90 days. If the couple fails to get married, the visa expires, and the person has to go home. Hence the show name: 90 Day Fiancé.

90 Day, The Other Way

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The Other Way, or tow, is fun if you’re an American who likes to pretend you’re learning something on “The Learning Channel”. In this show, the American goes to their partner’s country. Sometimes they are still involved in a 90 day visa situation, other times they’re planning to move there for good, sometimes it’s a visit to meet their internet love for the first time. You get a fun inside look at how people around the globe live, and more cultural differences tend to cause tension in these episodes.

Pillow Talk

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This is where past stars sit in their bed and provide commentary on an episode of the show. During a season of 90 Day Fiancé, every episode also has an associated Pillow Talk episode. Essentially, you watch other people watch the show that you just watched. Pretty meta.

90 Day Fiancé: B90 Strikes Back!

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I think this one was just an attempt to give us more content during quarantine. Similar to Pillow Talk, it’s a commentary episode. The difference is this is the last cohort of Before the 90 Days cast reacting to their season. They watch clips they were in, read “mean” comments from the internet, and respond.

The Family Chantel

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This was a spinoff focusing on Chantel from Atlanta and her husband Pedro from the Dominican Republic. They were always fighting with their families, and their families fought with each other. I didn’t watch this so I can’t give much commentary, but I imagine it was full of tasers, yelling, and debates on who started the fight: Pedro or River?

90 Day Fiancé: Self Quarantined

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This was a quick series on what the couples were up to during the first couple of months of the pandemic. More of a vlog style, it was a mixture of them showing us what the day to day looked like, and them sitting in front of a camera talking about how life has changed. Fingers crossed we won’t need this series again.

90 Day Fiancé: What Now?

This is a follow up show with couples (or singles) we already know. It fills us in on what their lives are now, months or even years after they first appeared on our TV’s.

And now…drum roll for the new spinoff we’ve all been waiting for!

Darcey & Stacey

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Darcy is a fan favorite who has been searching for love in a few different places. We have watched her date two men outside of the United States. When both of those relationships failed, at least she had her (slightly toxic) relationship with her twin sister, Stacey! Now Stacey is engaged to a man from another country.

The new show could have a 90 day situation with Stacey and her fiancé. We could also see some casual dating from Darcey, and maybe she’ll discover a new love interest. Whatever happens, these Connecticut queens are sure to deliver a fun show.

Do we need this many spin-off’s? No. Has Matt Sharp Productions gone a little overboard with this empire? Absolutely. Am I here for it? YES.

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