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Protein powder remains a hot topic in the fitness industry. Some swear by its efficiency and believe it necessary for building muscle. Others think a well balanced meal, including protein, carbs, and fat, is the way to go post-workout. I’m an endurance athlete, and us runners are often more focused on building stamina than muscle mass. That means we’re less likely to turn to powdered drink mixes unless we’re using one with carbohydrates during our runs.

I’ve gone through phases when it comes to protein powders. As a vegan, years ago I didn’t have options when it came to protein…

I have coached runners for a little over a year now. In that short amount of time, I’ve developed a routine, found my stride, and increased my client base.

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The internet is both loud and quiet when it comes to resources on growing as a running coach. If you search “how to grow a coaching business”, you’re likely to find hundreds of online “gurus” selling you expensive courses. The search “how to grow a fitness coaching business” yields advice about teaching fitness classes in gyms or online, which doesn’t exactly translate to running.

I was somewhat left to my own…

I started seriously budgeting just this month, and I’ve already learned lessons.

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For a bit of background: I love to save money. I squirrel it away in my high yield savings account, brokerage account, retirement accounts, etc.

In 2020, I started two new habits. 1) I took half of the paycheck that hit my bank account and moved it directly into a less accessible savings or brokerage account. 2) I made sure all of my side hustle income went straight into one of these less accessible accounts. That meant right away; I was saving 50–60% of my income plus another 10% that went straight into retirement accounts before I saw it.


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Runners sprinted into 2020 with their shiny new training schedules, a full Ultrasignup calendar, and a fresh pair of shoes. Races slowly got cancelled, virtual events became the new thing, and everyone learned quickly how to pivot their goals and run for themselves, not the medal.

In 2021, things are looking up. Frontline workers are vaccinated, and hopefully by summer, everyone will have access to the COVID-19 vaccine. This still leaves us wondering, when will training groups and races begin again?

As a coach and an employee of a running shoe brand, here are my thoughts and observations on what…

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I hated early morning runs. It’s cold and dark, I’m stiff, and I love to start my day slowly with a cup or two of coffee. I’ve tried before, but I always fall back into squeezing workouts in during lunch or at the end of the day.

Until now.

I have a new running buddy. We bonded while running at a 31 hour race, and she is a total delight. I moved many times in the last decade, so I haven’t had a consistent running partner in years. I forgot how wonderful it can be.

However, I have an extremely…

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Picture a successful person. What do you see?

Perhaps it’s a woman in a power suit, hustling around the city. Maybe you see a top level athlete throwing weights around the gym. Your favorite celebrity on a red carpet.

Whoever you imagine, they’re probably actively busy.

When someone wants to build a business, get the grade, or finish the race, the to-do list fills up fast. Sure, there are so many things one could do. Plus, according to pop culture, the successful are always hustling. Sleeping in is not glorifying, daydreaming isn’t exactly sexy.

The origin of the busyness habit

I grew up in the United…

It’s resolution time!

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What are goals anymore? We set them last year, and look what happened.

Don’t let 2020 discourage you from aiming high. Not having a goal at all will guarantee stagnancy, and who wants to be stuck in this mess?

Here are 21 running goals for 2021. You might not be able to train for that race, so take this opportunity to switch up your mindset and improve your athleticism in different ways.

  1. Run the year in miles: 2021 miles in 2021.
  2. Set a birthday goal to train for. Turning 30? A 30k might be the perfect way to celebrate.
  3. Run…

I coach runners, and I often get the question “is Strava Summit worth it?” It currently costs $5/month or $59.99/year. To be honest, I’ve had Summit (formerly known as premium) for so many years now that I haven’t been able to give a good answer to my runners. I have forgotten what features are exclusively premium, and which ones come with generic Strava. So, it’s about time for an honest deep dive into Strava Summit. What are the features, and are they valuable?

Note: I use Strava almost exclusively for running. …

So here we are, December 2020. This year felt so incredibly long and short at the same time. It doesn’t look like life will be “back to normal” (whatever that means anymore) for a while longer. Goals and new year’s resolutions are hard to process right now. When it comes to long distance running, however, goal setting might be easier than you think.

Photo by Mehul Patel on Unsplash

I began 2020 with big running goals, and most of them fell through. I adjusted, did some cool solo adventures, and ended up hitting a few fitness milestones. …

This past weekend, I ran a 31-hour ultramarathon. We started at 8 am on Halloween, and the race ended after lunchtime on November 1st.

Photo from author. Harvest moon on Halloween, 2020.

My original goal was 100 miles. Once the sun came up on day two, I realized I was just moving too slow to reach that goal. I stopped once I hit about 83 miles.

The farthest I’d gone before this was 50 miles, so after sunset, I was stepping into unknown territory. I had no idea how my body would react physically and mentally. …


I’m a running coach here to share my love of the sport. Check out my coaching profile:

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